by Stinky Smelly

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released October 20, 2011

Produced by Todd Schied
Jackson Lukas: Drums & Vocals
Nick Morrison: Vocals & Guitar
Daniel, are ya dead written by Ben Zweig and Stinky Smelly
Additional Vocals by Ian Amidon, Ben Zweig and bag of pretzels



all rights reserved


Stinky Smelly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Oh, hello
Hit my boy with a bottle (I christened my child)
Other hand on the Bibile (I christened my child)
Guilty Catholic smile
and it's got me screaming OH GOD, OH GOD YEA

Fell asleep on the street
Made a bed outta leaves
and woke up spitting in my sleep
and it's got me screamin OH GOD, OH GOD NO

And no one has ever been better than me

and he died on his way to a party

Oh, boy you're goin to hell
'cuz I'm not tryin to die
for the sins of everyone else
a kiss planted on Satan's mouth,
I bit his tongue so everybody knows he's not me, no he's not
Track Name: My God, It's Hot
My God it's hot I can't cool down

I walk to pass the time
between lyin and talkin to the ground

I spend, bout have the time
outside making noises at the ground
and it's makin noises at me

I saw, most the time
get buried between the ceiling and the ground
(and it's makin noises at me)

These new machines, makin my hands clean
the soul, it's ashamed, we call it by it's Christian name
it's all the same to me

Got pushed back down, cuz my back's brown
It's cruel, I'm ashamed, he called me by my master's name
and i could not do anything

My god.......it's hot
Track Name: Bear Feet
These are my thoughts
You didn't send me one back
Did you get my letter
Track Name: The Upper Room
The bastard's got cold feet
You look a lot like me, but you don't
I'm feelin like I might leave
Well Hallelujah, I hardly knew ya, at all

It's really fuckin' frightening
I think you won't like me, and you won't
I'm feelin like I might bleed
Well Hallelujah, I hardly knew ya, at all
Track Name: Mr. Sleeves
At night I have an addiction to the lights
Oh Christ, I was frightened by surprise
You're right the information's in her eyes
Don't panic, cuz I want what you want

Smackin cockroaches downstairs as sunrise approaches
I'm stompin mostly because my father's screamin "What's the commotion?"
Drinkin to much free lotion because my tongue is old and dry
It's alright, but it makes me feel ill

We almost got in, now

I meant it, you're my favorite.....now

I left my rifles at home I guess I have to go home
This town has only one room so I don't have to go far
I figured I could break through if I divided by two
It's no use, so shoot me shoot me shoot me
Track Name: Sister Flute/Stinky Smelly's Secret Police
Sister, please, stop hittin me, I've got you on my knee
Sister, please, stop missin' me, soon you won't care
and if you don't care then I don't

Sister please, stop hittin on me, they'll call the police
Sister please, stop screamin at me
we love ourselves and hate everybody else

Oh, you know that I came to see if I've done wrong
In this 40oz house do you want the kitchen sink
well I do, the fact that you're black makes you blue
and I was sitting next to dad when you were born in the summer

There's a killer in my room, all the time