by Stinky Smelly

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"Everything that ever was..."

Two friends from different parts of the country meet in Philadelphia and decide to start a singin' group. After two year one friend journeys to Japan while the other remains in Philly. With no plans of reuniting, recording or playing shows, Strange will act as our departure from working together. We have both loved every second of it.


released January 1, 2013

Nick and Jack

Tracked and Smacked by Bryan Antell

You Can't Hide From The Lord is a cover of Can't Nobody Hide From God by Blind WIllie Johnson

Video for Too Fly directed by Pat Smith



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Stinky Smelly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Nevada Test Site
There are no red roses left in the city cuz we bought em all up as a sign of pity and i held mine to the sky and cried I can't die if I'm barely alive

Alone in my Nevada Test Site
Track Name: too fly
Hip cat, got your shoulders back, traded my glasses in for new contacts
I write my name in lower case on both sides of the paper just in case
College principles, shootin at them with pretend pistols
I'm too fly to be handing out, words of wisdom from the horses mouth

I've got no friends, you've got no friends, that sounds fine

Oh well, what the hell! I was certain that this cake would sell
I probably shouldn't have cut them into the shape of two kissing gentleman
Before we knew we threw grenades into our cubicles
Where did my brothers go to war, he's drinking urine off the bathroom floor
Haul ass I've got the cash, you've got liquor and a little less cash
I'm too fly to be handing out, words of wisdom from the horses mouth
Track Name: Plastic Bag Factory
I painted a masterpiece, I can smoke hash at the plastic bag factory

Please let the righteous preachers preach, Imma need speed to go to sleep cuz their distractin' me

I found the janitor in rabbit ears and he was makin' cats appear and disappear from empty space and burning hair

It's proof, that nobody can hide from

I hope it's not the rapture, or worse what's coming after

We can make the sound of a gun with our hands and plan to save the light for the right time

I miss the feeling of a life in my hand, oh we can wait for the right time
Track Name: Guerilla Gorilla
When we were young we wanted everything green
Now we're all screamin' down with the trees
Yeah Im young and I'm angry

The more we stole the more we would need
The more we got the more we turned into theives
Crippling? Can be

Send em a message and burn it down, if you want

Guerilla Gorilla

You cast a light/line through the hole in my heart
Track Name: Bubba's Rubbage Yard
This place sux, i guess I'll throw out all your stuff
If you'll be strewn across the lawn
I'm sorry it's just...I guess I'm frustrated as fuck
at the rubbage yard

The letter C, looks like a sideways U you see
Now take my feet, you're like family to me
We'll make em pay, I don't need them anyway
at the rubbage yard

I got up and fell over

In the sun, all I wanna do is run
If you want, we can be the only ones on the couch
We don't have to leave the house, at the rubbage yard

There's a man that I don't know and he's living in my attic at home I called him up to ask a question he's got some killer coke connections I love myself and came to find he's tempting me with a good time....and he's right......HE PUT SOMETHING IN MY EAR
Track Name: Ugmo
ShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddadingShingdidadingdingddading : )
Track Name: A Boy & His Dog
When you look for how you were made you'll discover how you die

Just a man and his gun now let's have some fun, a place where the weatherman controls the weather

Well this is me from space I predate the human race
Department of distractions time for us to take some action
Track Name: Corner of the World
We stood, arms crossed, we fought and we lost, I couldn't tell you where we were born...cuz I don't know

Hey mister, won't you take my picture in front of the sun and we will run, cuz we were born as enemies
Track Name: You Can't Hide From The Lord
cover of Can't Nobody Hide From God by Bling Will Johnson
Track Name: Stranger
When I got home, couldn't believe I was alone
Track Name: Cotton
I got this flat nose, rich with tobacco
take me to whatever coast, will give the most pesos yeah
Put on a plank and thrown down the river
I don't understand why people don't like us yea

Hey, you're so serious, so serious, so serious
I'm holing my mistakes and the choices that we make

Born in a suitcase, mishandled and misplaces
Birth of a nation really taught me what color was

Got lost in DC, signed up for the army
They got them lettered streets, for keeping you company

Clapping my hands sore, for what it's worth
All we saw was the parade, we didn't hear bout no war
Track Name: Football Song/2:07 Nick <3 Jackson

They buried him into the moutain, cuz he wouldn't come off
They buried her into the mountain, now she won't come down no
they were very in love, so we buried them twice
but we didn't separate them, we buried them together

oh you and i, both you and i

They buried him into the moutain, cuz he wouldn't come off
They buried her into the mountain, now she won't come down forever
they were buried in love, so we buried them twice
but we didn't separate them, we buried them together